Covid-19 updates: Everyone 16 years and older ‘ strongly encouraged to get booster CDR director says.

Everyone 16 Years and Older ‘Strongly Encouraged’ to Get Booster CDR director says The CDC announced Dec. 9 that booster…

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Should I take my child to get the Covid-19 vaccine?

With the Omicron variant doing the rounds, people are being encouraged to get the Covid-19 vaccine if they haven’t yet…

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Get the doc on the phone: Medshield uses tech to enable healthcare for all

Through telemedicine innovations such as SmartCare, the medical scheme is proving that technology can make healthcare more widely accessible, affordable…

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7 Common Foods That May Help Improve Heart Health

Highlights In the last two years, we all have become extremely health conscious.Heart health is also an important factor that…

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Children at Home Were More Likely to Face Domestic Violence During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, school-age children kept home by lockdowns experienced significantly higher rates of family violence, according to new research.Violence…

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After Facebook and Instagram Bombshells, Should Parents Keep Kids Off Social Media?

A former Facebook employee testified to Congress this week that the company’s social media platforms are dangerous for children.According to…

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The man who saved thousands of people from Covid

Quisquam id rutrum cumque incidunt! Feugiat dicta nascetur cubilia placerat. Nec turpis!

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